Friday, December 28, 2007



The Dalai Lama is a colossal success: a world celebrity; recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States
Congressional Medal of Honor, and over 92 honorary degrees and special awards from prestigious institutions all over the world; author or co-author of over 30 books (4 Best Sellers); and revered by Tibetans, westerners, famous movie stars and politicians, and international media. With those triumphs, it’s no wonder he writes extensively about his own happiness. “ I am happy, very happy ,” he often remarks, usually with a giggle or a laugh.

The Dalai Lama is a colossal failure. For 48 years after he fled for his life from Tibet in 1959 he has in his own words “let no stone unturned “ to try to relieve the suffering of his Tibetans that he left behind under the Chinese occupation . For all that time the Dalai Lama, while recognizing Chinese atrocities and genocide against his people, has steadfastly carried out his policies towards China of conciliation, non confrontation, non violence, recognition of China’s humanity, and even praise for the leadership. These policies and the application to China of his Buddhist philosophy have so far doomed the Tibetans in Tibet to annihilation, marginalization , and genocide.

In spite of his compassion for his Tibetans on account of their suffering and his enemies, the Chinese, for causing their pain, he still remains happy personally as he wrote in his best seller, Freedom in Exile.
While the Dalai Lama in his humble protestations constantly says he is “just a simple monk”, he, his government in exile, his friends and co-authors, Tibetan scholars, and the rest of the world knows better. As the Dalai Lama goes, so goes Tibet. Right now Tibet has no future as will be shown in this article and in the near future no 14th Dalai Lama, now 72 years old. But with courage, the Dalai Lama now has one last chance to save his people and their unique culture and religion in Tibet.

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