Friday, December 28, 2007

Tibet is Not a Lost Cause

The Tibetans want the Dalai Lama to come home in their hour of need

China has offered to negotiate his return

The Dalai Lama wants to return home to Lhasa, to lead his people to freedom without violence

He needs your encouragement(not your money)

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Your Holiness:

I know you have tried to negotiate with China for over 40 years without any success. Your popularity and world wide honors have, as you say, done nothing for the Tibetans inside Tibet, who admire, even worship you. They need you to be with them in this time of need. I urge you to return to Tibet. Only you can galvanize world support for your people from Lhasa.

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North Face Mount Everest Tibet



The Dalai Lama is a colossal success: a world celebrity; recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States
Congressional Medal of Honor, and over 92 honorary degrees and special awards from prestigious institutions all over the world; author or co-author of over 30 books (4 Best Sellers); and revered by Tibetans, westerners, famous movie stars and politicians, and international media. With those triumphs, it’s no wonder he writes extensively about his own happiness. “ I am happy, very happy ,” he often remarks, usually with a giggle or a laugh.

The Dalai Lama is a colossal failure. For 48 years after he fled for his life from Tibet in 1959 he has in his own words “let no stone unturned “ to try to relieve the suffering of his Tibetans that he left behind under the Chinese occupation . For all that time the Dalai Lama, while recognizing Chinese atrocities and genocide against his people, has steadfastly carried out his policies towards China of conciliation, non confrontation, non violence, recognition of China’s humanity, and even praise for the leadership. These policies and the application to China of his Buddhist philosophy have so far doomed the Tibetans in Tibet to annihilation, marginalization , and genocide.

In spite of his compassion for his Tibetans on account of their suffering and his enemies, the Chinese, for causing their pain, he still remains happy personally as he wrote in his best seller, Freedom in Exile.
While the Dalai Lama in his humble protestations constantly says he is “just a simple monk”, he, his government in exile, his friends and co-authors, Tibetan scholars, and the rest of the world knows better. As the Dalai Lama goes, so goes Tibet. Right now Tibet has no future as will be shown in this article and in the near future no 14th Dalai Lama, now 72 years old. But with courage, the Dalai Lama now has one last chance to save his people and their unique culture and religion in Tibet.



I am definitely happy.

The Dalai Lama’s life is happy:

• Worshipped by his fellow Tibetans
• Enjoys world-wide media admiration
• Writes, publishes, and copywrights over 24 book, some bestsellers
• Receives hundreds of honors and awards including the Nobel Peace Prize
• Lives happily and securely in comfort outside Tibet
• Travels with his entourage in luxury all over the world.
• Hobnobs at the highest international levels of jet-set society, arts, education, governments.

(All “quotations” are from the Dalai Lama’s own writings)

But now it’s time to GO HOME TO TIBET

For 46 Years the Genocide Continues

For 46 Years the Genocide Continues

• 1.3M deaths from China’s occupation. (By 1996, 173,000 while in jail.)
• China’s Tibet genocide by population transfer continues in violation of the IV Geneva Convention.
• 6,200 Tibetan monasteries destroyed.
• Children (including 6 year olds, women, monks, and nuns jailed, tortured, killed for loyalty to the Dalai Lama).
• Systematic, intentional denial by China of Tibetan civil rights, education, employment.
• China’s railroad to Lhassa will complete the genocide as it has in Xinjiang, against the Uighurs and Inner Mongolia against Mongolians.

The disgusting abuse of monks and nuns has been going on since 1961. Atrocities are commonplace-crucifixion, vivisection, disemboweling, burning, beating to death, burning alive, dismemberment, hanging upside down, tearing out tongues, dragging to death behind horses, electric shock into orifices, especially womens’, rape.

Tibet is like a giant prison camp.
Tibetans are drowning in a sea of Chinese.
The Tibetan people are being wiped out from the face of the Earth.


For 46 Years, the Dalai Lama’s Policies Have Failed

For 46 Years, the Dalai Lama’s Policies Have Failed

I have left no stone unturned.

I am committed to negotiations. 1961-2005

Negotiation has failed, Oct. 25, 2004

China has refused to negotiate or even meet at any meaningful level.

I realized (in 1994) it would be impossible to negotiate with people who believe in this crude and criminal fashion.

Peace Plans.
The Dalai Lama’s 5 Points, the Salzburg Proposal and innumerable plans over the years are ignored by China except as occasions for increased Chinese violence against Tibetans, e.g. the current Strike Hard campaign in Tibet.

Kowtowing to China.
• Every time I saw Mao, he inspired me again.
• I want to help the Chinese in any way I can.
• I advised Tibetan escapees to return to Tibet to help their country.
• Softening of Dalai Lama’s Tibet Uprising Day speeches

World-wide Publicity Campaign. :sells Dalai Lama books,earns admiration,royalties,VIP friends,awards for the Dalai Lama but does nothing for Tibet.

Ahimsa (non-violence)makes occupation easier and undermines Tibetans willing to fight for their freedom

For 46 years the Dalai Lama distorts Ahimsa (non violence)

For 46 years the Dalai Lama distorts Ahimsa (non violence)

• Ahimsa is not a psychosis or a suicide pact. Self defense and survival are part of the doctrine.
• Ahimsa is a personal moral commitment not a political statement or directive to others being subjected to violence and threats.
• Absentee ahimsa as practiced by the Dalai is a corruption. Unlike Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Suu Kyi, the Dalai Lama lives outside Tibet in comfort, safety, and honor while his Tibetans daily suffer Chinese threats, arrests, and atrocities.

I’m happy in exile.

“The Dalai Lama is always laughing. . . totally enjoys himself.
Professor Robert Thurman, friend and co-author with the Dalai Lamai.




• Stand up to China for Tibet’s freedom and culture.
• Advocate a boycott of China-made goods.
• Advocate a boycott of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
• Use his world-wide popularity, books, friends and admirers for Tibetans in Tibet.
• Return to Tibet to be with his people.

I will go back to Tibet within 2 years. 1996.

My kata presentation (to his leaders in Lhassa)implies my intention to return.

What about dangers to the Dalai Lama upon his return?

I have no fear of death..

With a sincere and open heart there is no need to fear others.

My enemy is my best friend because he gives me the opportunity to learn from

It’s time to



It is not a time to pretend to just sound good.

If you confront your (enemies) rather than avoid them, you will be in a better position to deal with them.

• Advocate the five actions on page 5.
• Communicate to whomever you can by all means available, your advocacy: friends, elected officials, the Tibetan Government in Exile, Chinese embassies and authorities, all media, the United Nations.
• Avoid “China-made” goods and investments.
• Join the Alliance Against Chinese Genocide. Email:
• Contributions appreciated but are not tax-deductible. Not supported by any government agency.