Friday, December 28, 2007

For 46 Years the Genocide Continues

For 46 Years the Genocide Continues

• 1.3M deaths from China’s occupation. (By 1996, 173,000 while in jail.)
• China’s Tibet genocide by population transfer continues in violation of the IV Geneva Convention.
• 6,200 Tibetan monasteries destroyed.
• Children (including 6 year olds, women, monks, and nuns jailed, tortured, killed for loyalty to the Dalai Lama).
• Systematic, intentional denial by China of Tibetan civil rights, education, employment.
• China’s railroad to Lhassa will complete the genocide as it has in Xinjiang, against the Uighurs and Inner Mongolia against Mongolians.

The disgusting abuse of monks and nuns has been going on since 1961. Atrocities are commonplace-crucifixion, vivisection, disemboweling, burning, beating to death, burning alive, dismemberment, hanging upside down, tearing out tongues, dragging to death behind horses, electric shock into orifices, especially womens’, rape.

Tibet is like a giant prison camp.
Tibetans are drowning in a sea of Chinese.
The Tibetan people are being wiped out from the face of the Earth.


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